Who Should Receive Rolfing?

    Rolfing, Massage Therapy, Accupressure, Back Pain Relief in Rockville MD
  • Elderly, adults, adolescents, and children
  • Athletes who want more precision in their movements to improve their sport
  • People who sit at desks.
  • Those who have a history of injury or trauma
  • Individuals who want to stand taller, straighter, and walk with more fluidity and efficiency
  • People who are on a spiritual path who are looking at attaining a higher level of spiritual development

Benefits of Rolfing

  • Create Structural Balance
  • Promote Core Strength
  • Enhance Performance
  • Improve Posture
  • Relieve Chronic Pain
  • Increases Muscle Tone
  • Boosts Vitality

A Client Centered Practice

Rolfing Practioner in Rockville, MD I am dedicated to ending pain resulting from old or recent injury, chronic muscle tension, repetitive motion or overuse syndromes and postural misalignment.

I am focused on the release of tension and restrictions in soft tissue that limit circulation and movement.

I do not diagnose and will refer to a doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, or appropriate health professional when such services are required.

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