Achieving Your Body Wellness Goals in 10 Rolfing Sessions



Rolfing happens in a series of ten sessions; each session is an hour or an hour and a half long and has a particular goal to be achieved. The first three sessions work to align and open the superficial tissues in preparation for deeper work. The next four sessions then go deeper and work to create adaptability, and freedom of movement within the core and at the joint spaces. The finishing sessions then work to create integration, length, and alignment of for the new open body.


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A man getting his back touched by someone else


There are three levels of health intervention: relaxive, corrective and wholistic. Rolfing is the third level, wholistic. It relates to the person, and their environment. Meaning that it is concerned with the whole person rather than the treatment of parts. It does this by helping the person find greater and greater levels of performance and well-being at every aspect of being alive, within the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

A person with their foot on the ground


This principal brings up the concept of adaptability of people to gravity, or how do you compensate for the effects of gravity over time. Rolfing through fascial release and somatic integration can change those negative gravitational affects and show how you use gravity to your benefit.

A woman laying on her stomach getting a massage.


The idea here is that movement has to be supported from below by structural integration. That ease of movement is in proportion to the structures integration of the support system, gravity.

A person with their hands on his stomach.


Palantonicity, it's not in the dictionary because it is a Rolfing word derived from the ancient Greek word palantonos, which means literally stretched back and forth. What this means is that you can't touch one part of the person without touching the other parts. Front-back, top-bottom, left-right, sleeve-core etcetera. But there is an order in which the palantonic aspects of the body are addressed. They are unlocked like a dial slipping over tumblers that eventually unlock the safe.

A person is getting their back stretched out


Closure happens within each session and at the end of the ten series. Closure does not just happen, it needs to be prepared. The client needs to be able to take what they have learned during the Rolfing sessions into their life. So the Rolfer states what they have found during the integration sessions and then gives the client homework so the sessions can be wholly integrated

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